AD - Need for speed

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Wed Apr 7 13:25:54 PDT 1999

>Again, where the need for speed coming from?  I agree that things 
should be kept
>moving, but rushing it through and cramming down people's throats 
only dooms it
>to failure.

Why the need for speed?  I guess because most of us are excited about 
having a guild and want to start working as a groop.  We have great 
ideas and want to see them implemented.  We are ready to work now and 
gave ourselves three to four months to start the guild.  And I mean 
start.  We have many years of work, and will be continually working.  
We have set up a guild that will keep us growing.  All i want to see 
is a charter and the beguinnings of a guild roster.  I do not tink 
this is too much to ask.

  Why cram it down people's throats?  Well, I have not done that.  I 
invited a group of people to disscuss what we would do with a kingdom 
dance guild.  And poeple have responded quite well.  Everyone sounds 
happy to be included and are so approving they think we should spread 
news to the kingdom.  I can see this being a good idea.  
  I want people to be happy with the guild.  And they seem to be 
happy with our progress.  

Why do you want to slow us down?  I know we will not fail.  Enough of 
us want this to happen that we will see this through.  I trust the 
people on this list to work for our common gaol, as we have been, 
that of a Kingdom Dance Guild.

Your servant to Command,
  Philip White


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