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Wed Apr 7 13:32:00 PDT 1999

Greetings to all:

All right, all right, I've been silently observing until now, but I guess I 
should at least say hello. . .My name is Helene Quivremont.  I am from 
Mooneschadowe (which most of you know is in the Northern region of 
Ansteorra).  I am the foster sister of Isabeau Lallement (mundane older 
sister--in real life I am six years her elder), which also makes me a kind of 
guest in the house of Guillame de Troyes and his lovely lady Rhiannon 
Redwolf.  I have met some of you at events, but I have not had the good 
fortune to meet many of you.  I am a studio art major (oil painting etc.) at 
Oklahoma State University which has hindered me somewhat in making it to some 
events (namely Gulf Wars and in the near future: Crown Turney).  I'm 
relatively new in the SCA. . .I started dancing in Mooneschadowe last summer 
(May or June?), and then got involved in other things in the SCA.  Dancing is 
my favorite part, though.

will send more along when I have more time. . .

au revoir,
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