AD - guild purpose and goals

Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Wed Apr 7 14:43:16 PDT 1999

>Charlene Charette wrote:
>> Purpose:  The purpose of the Guild shall be to promote the learning 
and teaching of Medieval, Renaissance, and SCA dances throughout the 
Kingdom of Ansteorra.
>Technically, by this definition, Playford is out.  As well as all the 
"ethnic" dances:  Angus Reel, Postie's Jig, Korobushka, Road to the 
Isles/Gae Gordons/Scotland the Brave, etc.  I think through 1st 
edition Playford is reasonable -- it will be a long time before this 
kingdom can eliminate it(assuming anyone would want to and I don't 
believe they do).

It might help to broaden the definition a little (Renaissance-era 
dances?), but the SCA does pretty much restrict us to pre-1600 Europe. 
So while we will no doubt continue to do post-period dances like 
Korobushka because they are fun, I don't see that promoting it should 
be part of the purpose of an SCA-affiliated guild. And forgive me if 
I'm being ignorant here, but did the Middle Ages and Renaissance not 
hit Ireland and Scotland? As long as there are people willing to say 
'if it was published in 1650, it was probably around in some form in 
1600', we'll be doing Playford dances. But these are the things that 
come easily; shouldn't it be part of our challenge to learn dances 
that are harder to find or reconstruct?

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