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Thu Apr 8 06:19:01 PDT 1999

Grace to you and peace.  My complements on the tenor of the list to date.
It's pleasant to participate in a forum where people can disagree without
being disagreeable.  I think that augurs well for a kingdom guild.
I am (H)Lord Ihon Vinson macFergus, a mid15th Century lowland Scot, blessed
with the prescience of many dances which will be popular both at home and
abroad long after my death.
I became interested in dance because I couldn't - dance, that is.  HL Signy
Gandalvsdottir taught "John Tallows Canon" at a new comers household and,
had my life depended on getting that dance right that first night, I would
not be here today.  By good fortune I have studied under many fine dancers
over the last four years.  I particularly enjoy the more challenging dances
though I am at least 50 pounds away from most of "So Ben".  The Combined
Dance Guild is my home group where I co-teach.  I have choreographed one
dance -- to Saltarello II -- which is currently danced at my home group and
Steppes - thanks to Philip.  I understand Guillaume will begin teaching it
tonight in Moonshadowe.  It was chosen to compete for Ansteorra at Gulf Wars
VIII.  I also have the good fortune to be apprenticed to Mistress Kaitlyn
McKenna who has taught me much about dance performance and teaching, and I
have taught at sundry Symposiums, Colleges, and special events.
In "real" life, I am a Presbyterian minister - which greatly curtails my
ability to travel far to events.  It also should explain part of why I favor
afternoon dance, though my reasons are not solely personal.
I look forward to being a part of the Ansteorran Guild of European Dancers
(my vote for a name - note the meter, note the flow - note the acronym -
no - don't note the acronym).

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