AD - What to count as dance? WeeRosebud at
Fri Apr 9 22:51:05 PDT 1999

Really, I think that defining 'what dances should be counted' is only going 
to be a bad thing.  If you really think about, one could easily get around it 
by doing a bunch of bransles, which aren't very difficult.  So, someone would 
think it was better for a magistrar to know ten ECD's and ten bransles?  
What's the point?  20 dances sounds intimidating to a lot of people, and 
besides, look at the requirements we have:

20 dances
5 or 6 events

Is it really necessary?  Doesn't it muck it all up?  Will it achieve anything 
but making us look like snobs?  I'm not, personally opposed to it, but I 
really don't see how it promotes dance.  If we were a kingdom with a huge 
amount of dancers, I would agree.  It is hard enough to get people to dance 
as it is.

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