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Tue Apr 13 23:01:04 PDT 1999


  So I have been invisioning this disscusion we will have at Crown 
and wondering what will happen.  I know that dance teachers tend to 
be controlling (it comes from telling any number of people to step 
left and they do) so I was wondering who would get their head ripped 
off or who would through the first chair.  :)  
  So, why don't we have a monitor or chair.  I suggest that we have 
one at each meeting and from that area.  This is so that the chair 
would be most familiar with the people at the event.  But I also want 
the chair to be someone who is experienced, calm, and wanting a guild.
  So I suggest these people.  You can contradict me if I am wrong, or 
if you do not want to vollunteer.
  At Crown, let us have Perronnelle, she has offered to moderate 
before, and has much interest as well.  Though there are many other 
individuals who could do a goo job.  Just a suggestion.
  At King's College, I suggest Guilluame.  He has experence running 
meetings, I am sure.  Being seneschal and all.  As well, he is 
familiar with the many dancers in the north.
  At Warlord, how about Elin.  Though she seems quite, she is 
organized and able to keep things in order.
  What does everyone think of this?  Is there anyone who would like 
to run things, and think that they can do a great job.  These are 
just my first thoughts, I do not want to overlook anyone.  So please, 
if you want to, we can work things out.  
Your servant to command,
Philip White


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