AD - Crown and other meetings

Charlene Charette charlene at
Wed Apr 14 20:01:36 PDT 1999

I'm still wading through the other discussions and will reply if and when I get
caught up :-).  But this is timely, so...

Craig Shupee' wrote:

>   At Crown, let us have Perronnelle, she has offered to moderate
> before, and has much interest as well.  Though there are many other
> individuals who could do a goo job.  Just a suggestion.
>   At King's College, I suggest Guilluame.  He has experence running
> meetings, I am sure.  Being seneschal and all.  As well, he is
> familiar with the many dancers in the north.
>   At Warlord, how about Elin.  Though she seems quite, she is
> organized and able to keep things in order.

These work for me.  I'll be at Crown and King's College.  It's doubtful I'll
make Warlord.  Do we have a time and place for the meeting at Crown?  I also
need to be at the herald's meeting, which also needs to be scheduled.  I'm
hoping to avoid being in two places at once.  :-)


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