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Russell Kinder russmax at
Tue Apr 20 16:26:43 PDT 1999

"John F. Hirling" wrote:
> Fellow dancers:
> I find it difficult to follow interlinear discussions, particularly when
> they advance to the third respondent and beyond.  Here's a suggestion:  Just
> as our last couple of weeks focused on the purpose statement, let us now
> focus on our individual positions vis-à-vis  recognition (levels, merit
> badges, etc.) .  It is not my desire to cut off discussion on the purpose
> statement or on the area of a proctor (the only two portions semi-solidified
> at Crown - all the rest was simply open discussion).  But perhaps a Subject
> line for "Purpose"; another for "Proctor" and a third for "Recognition"
> might be helpful.

   That works for me. I might suggest that someone, Perronnelle, Philip,
or Kaitlyn perhaps, post "what we have so far" in its entirety, then we
take it by sections. Discussion wouldn't have to be limited to any one
section, but only one section in a given post. Would that hold the chaos
down to a manageable level?

   I agree that the purpose is almost nailed down. The proctor part is
close, but needs some work. We are a long way from consensus on the
levels/recognition issue.

   I apologize for my monster response to the minutes from the meeting
at Crown. I think most people would rather I didn't re-post my whole
response in three parts. I'm just envious that everyone else got to
brainstorm, and I had to stay home (boo hoo). So, anyway, if you are
responding to the minutes, or to my response to those minutes, I think
Ihon's suggestion is a good one. Respond either to Purpose, Recognition,
or Proctor with that noted in your subject line.

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