AD - Levels (Recognition), Our main area of disagreement.

Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Apr 21 11:42:47 PDT 1999


   In keeping with the theme of my previous post, I want to focus on
converging on a solution. It seems that our biggest disagreement is in
the area of levels.

   Before we delve into the exact requirements for each level, and
performance vs. teaching, running balls, research, etc., we really need
to reach consensus on whether or not we should even have levels. Most
seem in favor, but a few seem strongly oppose.

   Many good arguments and benefits have been presented for having
levels. I won't rehash them, at least not in this post. 

   The two main arguments against having levels seem to be these: 1) The
College of Bards had levels and they didn't work very well. 2) Levels
might be used to exclude people from dance, rather than include them. 1
and 2 may in fact be the same argument. I'm not intimately familiar with
what went wrong with the College of Bards.

   If someone were to show me, persuade me, that levels would likely be
abused to promote elitism and snobbery to the detriment of dance, and to
exclude people from the guild, then I could probably be won over to that argument.

   At that point, I would want to somehow redefine the levels so that
they wouldn't have this detrimental effect. I do think there is great
benefit to the levels and recognition they provide. I want to preserve
that benefit, but not at the cost of being a bunch of dancier-than-thou
snobs. Our goal is to create more people like us, not create barriers to
that goal.

Guillaume de Troyes
(de Mooneschadowe)
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