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Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Wed Apr 21 14:05:56 PDT 1999

Well, earlier discussion indicates that the choice should be pretty 
straitforward, with just a person to review the qualifications (I 
can't even say check for honesty, because no one person will be able 
to say, oh yes they ran dancing at this event and taught these 40 
dances...). We can either choose a temporary proctor to oversee the 
first few magister-makings, or to compile the initial list of members 
(depending on which end we start from) who can then elect a proctor, 
or have a small committee to review them, so no one person is the 
god/goddess giving birth to the rest of the guild.

>I'm still wavering on how I feel about the levels - as always I see 
pros and cons.  However, one thing continues to nag at my brain.  The 
levels requirements as currently stated do not give us a starting 
point  - for instance, a magister must say "yes, this is a magister" 
but how are we going to decide on that first one.  I know a few people 
who I would personally just place there even if I don't know that they 
specifically meet the listed requirements yet.  But, I do not know all 
of the dance teachers or dancers, so I can not make a well-informed 
decision.  Was this why the discussion of performing for the entire 
guild was brought up?  Just wondering, ;-)
>Yours in service,
>Lady Capricia, Namron
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