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Wed Apr 21 16:39:04 PDT 1999

Sounds good to me! ;-)

Now another little nag that came up today (due to the recent large amount of
demos we have been doing and knowing that Giovanni also does quite a few),
would performing and/or teaching at demos be at all included or those only
within SCA events context?  Just want to throw that in before we all start
making up our lists.  (Not that it will probably matter, since most of us
probably do both - sorry Guillaume about a new issue without a solution.
;-) )
I do think that demo performances should maybe count (at least a little)
since one of the SCA's main purposes is education and introducing people to
the various aspects of our group.  Also, they very much further the group's
purpose of getting more people like ourselves.  I've had a VERY positive
response (surprising even to me) to the dancing we did at Med. Faire - I'm
so excited!!!
BTW - thanks again to all the Mooneschadowe and Vatavia dancers who helped
make it possible!

In service to dancing,
Lady Capricia

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>   Capricia brings up a good point. I have given it some thought.
>   I think the following would work:
>   At the point the charter is being instituted, and the charter members
>are signing it, each will show the other charter members a list of the
>dances they have taught or performed, a list of events where they have
>run dance, and a list of reconstructions or choreographies they have
>done. You wouldn't have to be exhaustive with the list, but only show
>enough to qualify for the level you think you merit.
>   Each can see for himself where he lines up in the level requirements.
>Each will be a charter member with whatever level they qualify for.
>C Scot Henry wrote:
>> I'm still wavering on how I feel about the levels - as always I see pros
>> cons.  However, one thing continues to nag at my brain.  The levels
>> requirements as currently stated do not give us a starting point  - for
>> instance, a magister must say "yes, this is a magister" but how are we
>> to decide on that first one.  I know a few people who I would personally
>> just place there even if I don't know that they specifically meet the
>> requirements yet.  But, I do not know all of the dance teachers or
>> so I can not make a well-informed decision.  Was this why the discussion
>> performing for the entire guild was brought up?  Just wondering, ;-)
>> Yours in service,
>> Lady Capricia, Namron
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