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Greeting to all assembled!

Guillaume wrote:  (pardon the cutting)
>                 .... Isn't the main purpose of levels to keep track
> of who the qualified teachers are? 

This seems to me to be the main issue to resolve.  If the guild is going to
say that a person is qualified to teach or indicate what "level" of teacher
that person is then the guild must decide what level the teacher has
attained not the student. After all it is the reputation of the guild that
is backing the assigned level.  Our own academic world has standards and
exams that must be met and passed before you can be a teacher.  In the
universities you can move from undergraduate and maybe run a lab in your
senior year; to graduate student and teach some lower level classes; on up
to Ph.D. where you are teaching more advanced classes and probably the
future teachers.  Or if you prefer the guild structure...  a guild will take
apprentices, they must accomplish a set amount of work and learning and then
pass a skills test administered and judged by the Guild before they are
advanced to the next level.  Neither organization would endorse the skills
of someone they did not verify had those skills.  It would not take long for
people to discount the certifications if they did otherwise.  

If the recommendation/certification for a level comes from someone outside
of the guild then why not just recommend them for a Sable Thistle in Dance.
Because the Sable Thistle is known and respected in our Kingdom it will
carry more weight.

--Francois (the engineer)
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