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Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Fri Apr 23 15:59:20 PDT 1999

>   I don't really mean to put you off, but there's a whole 'nother 
issue that needs to be resolved before we talk about where performance 
needs to be done, at events, meetings, demos, etc.
Sorry. I hadn't realized there was still a question of whether we 
would recognize performance significantly.

>Is performance going to have its own set of levels, or will we 
>expand the definition of teaching levels to be inclusive of 
>performers as well? Is that even a good idea? Isn't the main purpose 
>of levels to keep track of who the qualified teachers are? I do think 
>the more advanced teachers should have some competition-level 
>performance experience.
>Maybe we need levels for teachers, but some other type of recognition
>for people who perform, like a merit badge, perhaps, or white, red, 
>and blue ribbons, depending on the quality of their performance. And 
>maybe others mean different things by performance than I do. Maybe 
>they simply mean being able to do the dances. Maybe they don't mean 
>performance as in "presentation for an audience or judges".
>   Well, those are my musings.
A proposal:
The guild maintains four levels of membership.
1) Anyone interested in dance.
2) Anyone with a modicum of dance ability, either dancing or teaching.
3) Someone who has shown competence in dance, either dancing or 
4) Expert

3) & 4) can be either what we discussed earlier, (e.g. teaching 20 
dances and perfoming 2, or vice versa), or any mix (e.g. teaching or 
performing 20 dances). Then the person could be a level 3)teacher, or 
dancer, or both. And we could still give merit badges or something to 
recognize exceptional ability in a particular field, or for someone 
who prefers to specialize in one area without fulfilling the 
requirements to go to the next level. 

In my heart I want to say that anyone who can teach at expert level is 
also a pretty good performer, but I know that this is not necessarily 
true, and although encouraging teaching will propagate the guild, we 
all know that isn't The Most Important aspect of dance.

I think this is not very different from what we started with, but I am 
trying to oversimplify so that we can look at the basic issue:
Do we want levels, and what should they be?

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