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Greetings all:
I'm striving to teach Rostiboli to a local SCA dance guild using tabulature
and notes by HL Rosario di Palermo "from the reconstruction of Messer Sion
Andreas o Wynedd, OL."  The tabulature calls for a [c]ontinenza . . .
similar to the country dance bransle step" but I have also seen the dance
taught with a step-cut-step to the left, step-cut-step to the right.  Also,
the tabulature calls for the saltarelli to be executed with a "hop and a
spetzatto" where the spezatto is a "classical ballet 'shuffle-ball-change'"
which I take to be (and have seen) danced like a Scottish skip-change.   One
of our local dance guild principles is a top notch researcher whose opinion
I highly value.  Her research supports a simple bransle-like continenza and
does not reveal any spetzatti in 15th century dance.
I'd like to first teach the dance as closely to how it would have been
danced originally.  Does anyone have any additional information or does
anyone know how the aberrant steps became included?


John F. Hirling, 20th century cleric and all around good guy --
skypilotpcusa at
hl ihon vinson macfergus, 15th century lowland Scot, and all around good
guy -- macfergus at

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