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Thu Apr 29 15:31:28 PDT 1999

Lions, and tigers and bears . . .

I cannot support levels based on "I say I can, and so do these people whose
signatures I have."
Before anyone starts throwing rocks, I have absolutely nothing against "I say I
can" with or without "and so do these people whose signatures I have."  However,
a data base accomplishes the same end -- except, of course, for the one who
wants to claim a level.
That begs the question, "Why levels?"  If its to be able to claim a level of
proficiency, then who better to determine proficiency than other dancers.
This discussion does not seem to me to center around 'what is our purpose and
how do we best achieve it';  rather it seems to center on 'who do I trust'.
That doesn't augur well for the guild.


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