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Russell russmax at
Fri Apr 2 00:46:21 PST 1999

Sandi Augsburger wrote:
> Last weekend our senechal upbraided the members, saying that dance is part of the
> dream. All knights and ladies who lived then had to know how to dance! Hopefully,
> this will help. I don't want to force people, but maybe if they just try it they may
> find they like it!

Oh, if only my shire had such a wonderful seneschal, so supportive of
dance. WAIT! I am the seneschal! (hee hee) It is good that you have some support.

> There is a professor at Boise State University in Idaho who teaches Renaissance
> Spanish dance! She (with some of her students) has performed at several SCA events,
> including our last Kingdom A & S. I plan on contacting her for information, and would
> be glad to pass on to you anything I learn !

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please [pant, pant] oh
please, oh please (etc.)

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