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Fri Apr 2 06:07:17 PST 1999

Russell (russmax at said something that sounded like:
>    I'm going to sound like a broken record, but I'd like to add the
> following requirements for Journeyman and Magister levels.

That's okay. I agree with the additional requirements.

For those people who missed the discussion before this, some of it can
be found at:

Unfortunately it didn't catch all of the conversation since I didn't get
the archiving software turned on soon enough.

Btw, my concerns regardin the Proctor making the list is alleviated
since they are able to assign deputies as needed. The only concern would
be a concern for consistancy since this information would have to be
passed around once a year, and thus prone to loss.

As well, my concerns of teaching from manuals are lessened with the
additional requirements regarding the background. I don't know how you
will regulate this though, if that is desirable.

>    The whole question of which dances to allow in each member's count
> needs to be resolved. I'm in favor of including all of it, so long as
> the member knows the background of the dance, and if it's period. If
> it's commonly done in the SCA, it's fair game, I say.

I must admit that I am in favor of all of it as well.

No matter how much I detest Korobushka, it's done a lot. (My detest has
nothing to do with periodness.)

> All I can say is that they are very popular
> in the SCA, and if we try to kill them, we'll look like snobs and no one
> will appreciate what we're doing. Instead of drawing people to dance,
> we'll be pushing them away.

This is how I view it as well.

You have to encourage people into the more period styles, without
looking like period-nazis or dance snobs.

Btw, after further thinking, I'm not sure the levels are high-enough for
Magister/Master. Unless we want a bunch of Magisters running around, I
think it should be a little more challenging. Of course there are Guilds
in the Known World that realized this after the fact and created
Grand Master positions.

The reason that I feel they are too low, and this is not meant as a
slight to Lady Yvette, but to the letter of the requirements including
the additional ones, she meets all of them for Magistrate. In my opinion
although she is approaching this level, I don't feel she is there yet. Of
course I don't have a clue what I think would be better additions/changes.


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