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Sat Apr 3 05:51:13 PST 1999

Russell (russmax at said something that sounded like:
>    If the teacher had to do more than just get the dancers through the
> dance, but also had to give the source, geography, and time period of
> the dance, would that be enough?

If they apply that knowledge it would display the quality of it.

> If the teacher had to use and teach
> using the correct terms, would that help?

It'd definately help to encourage others to do so.

The problem is would it make the dancers feel that the person is being a
snob for using all of these "technical" terms. When I talk to layment
about my art I use everyday terms. When I talk to other more advanced
practicers of my art, I use the technical terms that I want.

>    That is what the charter asks for, I think.

Actually the way I read the charter it requires them to know the
information but never apply it. (I'm a real stickler for proper wording.)

This was why I thought competition/display would be beneficial since it
would assist in the application of knowledge. When you compete/display,
you have to define for the judges the background, terms, steps, etc.

NOTE: I am using display as the types of thing done at LPT, which is not
      a competetition. Performances don't require you to document things
      for the audience.

Yes Philip, I've displayed at LPT and seen/ran other competitions and
realize how frustrating it can be from both sides. (Btw, taking invalid
or bad criticism is part of character building in society/life.) There
are very few people qualified to judge most of the arts done in this
Kingdom. Many of the people doing the art are the only ones qualified
to judge. The brewers of this Kingdom are trying to correct this in their
field through education. This doesn't mean that we don't use them as a
measuring stick of progress though. The Laurels I've talked to seem very
excited about a proactive, instead of an avoidance or subversive, method
of approacing this problem.


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