AD - A Kingdom Dance Guild - Saltare???

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Sun Apr 4 12:31:28 PDT 1999

To answer everyone's question:

The reason I was thinking we were going to meet at Crown was because of an 
e-mail that was sent and discussed prior to the Ansteorran Dance Mail List.   
 I believe you should ask Philip what his plans were for having us all meet.  


> Greetings All,
>    I think that we should first meet at Crown.  We can try and get things 
>  in order there.  At Known World we would be able to talk with 
>  representatives from Meridies and see if we can work things out with 
>  them.  Then at Warlord we can finalize it and settle the membership ond 
>  proctors before getting it signed bt crown at 20th year.  Lets do it!
>  Your servant to Command,
>    Philip White

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