AD - Potential Peers?

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Sun Apr 4 16:09:22 PDT 1999

>Actually I would *hope* that it meant something to the Peers in Arts 
>Sciences. You want this to be revered enough that they look at these
>individuals as if they were potential members of their Order.

It would be nice if the Laurels of Ansteorra began to respect the work 
of any guild we form, but that is not my goal.  Nor do I think it is 
the goal of the guild.  I also do not want the guild system to become 
some guide to becoming a laurel.  Yes, if they do the work to becoming 
a guild magister, that same work could be twords the Order of the 
Laurel.  The idea of the guild is so that we can communicate amongst 
ourselves and serve our Kingdom as better dancers or teachers.  I want 
a guild so that if I go to Startgate or to Moonshadow I do not have to 
woory about how to dance Whirligig because we all do it the same or 
because I have been made familiar with their regional variation.  I 
want a guild that will help me have more fun in the SCA.


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