AD - A Kingdom Dance Guild - Saltare???

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Sun Apr 4 16:44:07 PDT 1999


Well, I thought that crown would be a good place for us to all get 
together.  Was I wrong?  I know that some of Moonshadow is coming down 
and a good portion of the people have some kind of obligation to go - 
weather you are a laurel or Goof.  Or are those the same things???
(sorry Mistress Kaitlin  :).

So who will be at Crown Tourny in Bryn Gwlad????

>The reason I was thinking we were going to meet at Crown was because 
of an 
>e-mail that was sent and discussed prior to the Ansteorran Dance Mail 
> I believe you should ask Philip what his plans were for having us 
all meet.  
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