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Mon Apr 5 06:12:06 PDT 1999

Greetings all,

My name is Yvette Royd - I'm the Dance Mistress of Bryn Gwlad.  I've been 
lurking here for a while, scanning quickly through everything, but not being able 
to keep up as I should, or reply as I have wanted to (I am SO far behind on my 
email - sigh!).

> obviously, I will be going to crown (the whole dance guild discussion is my 
> only reason for going...) hey, will there be dancing?  can we arrange dancing?

Funny you should ask this.  I just ran into Samuel Piper at Half-Price Book 
Store yesterday (imagine that!) and found out that he would be at Crown.  Was 
not really able to make any arrangements with him, but I plan to email him as 
soon as I'm finished checking my new mail.  I would love to arrange to have 
some dancing - lots of dancing? - at Crown.  Unfortunately, I have not been able 
to attend any of the local business meetings recently because of other 
mundane activities, so I really have very little clue as to the schedule of the 

Anyone have any suggestions as to when would be a good time to do some 
dancing?  Is court planned to be hideously long?  Should we plan on something 
during the day?  Pug/Myfanwy  - you two probably have a better clue as to 
what is going on... any suggestions?  Any ideas would be helpful!


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