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Mon Apr 5 09:35:35 PDT 1999

Lady Yvette, et al.

   This is the point where I add my two pence about dancing at events.
If dance is going to happen at an event, it should be planned with the
autocrat well in advance. Space in the schedule and in the hall needs to
be alloted. Musicians need to be contacted, and dancers made aware that
there will be dancing.

   A larger problem is the inability of many groups to adhere to a
schedule for an event. The only people who care, really, are dancers.
Why? Because dancing is the activity that suffers when everything else
runs over time. If feast is scheduled for 6, but doesn't happen until 7,
then it lasts 2 hours. Then court takes 30 minutes to start after feast.
Then court lasts 2 hours. Dance doesn't get started until 11:30 or midnight.

   At an event like Crown Tourney, there's just not much the autocrat
can do. Maybe take steps to make the list run faster, like multiple
fields for the earlier rounds. Schedule court before feast (this makes
court go faster, since people are hungry). Discourage 8 remove feasts
served with great leisure. Still, most of this is out of the autocrats hands.

   Crown would be a great event to expect dancing, since nothing happens
besides the list, feast, and court. Something Philip and I were
discussing before this mail-list was created was the idea of having a
Princess' Ball at Crown Tourney and a Queen's Ball at Coronation. If a
ball were made a traditional part of the activities of these events, and
the royals were officially included, I think the activity would be
planned, expected, and be well-attended by the VIPs of the kingdom. It
would be impolite/impolitic to snub the Princess or Queen at their own ball.

   People would also expect there to be classes after the list (or
court), so the new Princess (or Queen) could make sure they knew the
dances planned.

   The idea comes from Meridies, where HRH Mistress Katrina established
the Red Rose Ball for the Princess, and the White Rose Ball for the
Queen. (Maybe I have the colors backwards.)

Lord Guillaume
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