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Mon Apr 5 14:59:47 PDT 1999

So, dance classes during the day seem to be a good idea, with dancing in the 
evening.  I just enjoy dancing at night, (it is cooler), and there are often 
more people free at night.  

If we are worried about people not knowing about the kingdom dance guild, why 
don't we announce, separately, in our own groups what we are intending to do? 
 Mailing an announcement to A&S ministers would maybe be something we could 
do.  If there are some groups who haven't heard anything about the Dance 
Guild, or anything about the mailing list, this might be a good way to let 
them in on it.  

	Officially announcing that the ball at coronation is to be held in 
honor of the queen would probably be a good idea, if we are serious (I am) 
about starting the rose balls.  I agree with Philip, there should maybe just 
be one to get people used to the idea.  

	So, Philip?  Wanting to learn So Ben, huh?  We'd gladly teach it to 
you.  We may be teaching it at King's College, I don't know.  We have another 
fun 16th century Italian dance up our sleeves.  It's for four.  It's much 
more simple.  So Ben is now as easy as Rostiboli.  Time to move on to one of 
the longer dances.  :)  My, Italian Dance is a blast.  You can really show 
off.  I'd like to see more interest in it kingdom wide.  :)

	On that note: Ihan, did you ever send Guillaume the choreography you 
created for Salterello II (did I misspell that - wait, I don't want to know) 
I'm hopping to do that with our guild in Moonschadowe.  It looked like a lot 
of fun.  Wait, I danced that - it was a lot of fun.  :)

	Guillaume, were you intending to take your pavilion with us to crown 
tourney?  Either way, I'm sure arrangements for a lunchtime meeting would be 
a good thing.  Should we coordinate food?  I'm glad we'll all have our own 
charters to scribble on!  Fun! Fun!

	What's this I hear of a lack of driving force?  Hmmm?  Dance people 
are little individual driving forces themselves.  Let's figure out who gets 
to contact the autocrat.  If there is really a need, I suppose some of the 
bolder ones could pester the crown as well.  Even at this late date, I'm sure 
dance could be tacked on somewhere. 

HEY!  Couldn't we dance in the afternoon, and then again in the evening, 
after court?  Would this make us all happy?  (Hehe, I'm just having some fun) 
I liked Ihan's idea of dancing from just before breakfast until the predawn 
hours.  My only stipulation is that we stop for food, and for the dance guild 

My comments upon the dance guild itself shall be saved for Crown.  

My apologies to those who were confused by references to earlier discussions. 
 There has been so much e-mail back and forth since returning from Gulf Wars, 
I'm no longer sure who said what.

More later (probably much, much later)

To be taken light heartedly (it is good for the health),

Isabeau Lallement
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