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Charlene Charette charlene at
Mon Apr 5 22:23:57 PDT 1999

Up to now everyone’s been brainstorming on the idea of a kingdom dance
guild -- which is a good thing.  However, I have been around both email
discussions and the SCA long enough to realize that unless we have a
“chair” to keep things organized and on track, the discussion will stuck
in brainstorm mode and nothing concrete will get done.  I'm willing and
able to handle this task.  Unless there are any major objections to me
handling this, I'll go ahead and start.

We need to keep in mind that the members of this list are a *VERY SMALL*
percentage of the dancers in this kingdom.  Do you all think we (or I)
should send a note to the regional A&S ministers, local A&S ministers,
Blackstar, or anywhere else?  We need to strike a balance between enough
input to create something acceptable to the kingdom's dancers and not
too much input that the decision process gets bogged down.

I propose the following discussion format:

I’ll start a new thread with a discussion topic (some decisions
logically come before others, some are interelated)

The list can discuss it for a while (being careful to keep the separate
topics in separate threads :-) ) and people from the list can pass the
ideas around at their dance practices, A&S guild meetings, wherever
interested parties congregate (can most of us do this weekly or are
people on bi-weekly schedules?)

Once it appears that a concensus is reached, we can take a vote to make
sure everyone's in agreement.

We then move on to the next item.


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