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Charlene Charette charlene at
Mon Apr 5 22:35:11 PDT 1999

If you haven't yet seen my message entitled "discussion adminsitration"
please see it first.  I'll go ahead and start a topic to keep things
rolling.  (Phillip, you've been keeping track of changes made to the
Meridian charter.  Care to continue that task?)

I feel the first step is agreeing on the purpose and goals.  Everything
else is just details.  So far we have the following.  Good?  Bad?
Things to add?  Subtract?  Don't care?  Don't forget to solicit opinions
from people not on the list.

Purpose:  The purpose of the Guild shall be to promote the learning and
teaching of Medieval, Renaissance, and SCA dances throughout the Kingdom
of Ansteorra.

Goals:  The goals for the Guild at the time of chartering shall be

1.  To facilitate communication between existing local dance guilds and
to assist any local group in founding a dance guild for itself.

2.  To assist any local group which wants to have dance classes, either
at meetings or events.

3.  To maintain a roster of dance teachers throughout the Kingdom.

4.  To produce and keep current a Kingdom-wide dance manual and dance

5.  To encourage widespread teaching and research of Medieval,
Renaissance, and SCA dances.


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