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> We need to keep in mind that the members of this list are a *VERY SMALL*
>  percentage of the dancers in this kingdom.  Do you all think we (or I)
>  should send a note to the regional A&S ministers, local A&S ministers,
>  Blackstar, or anywhere else?  We need to strike a balance between enough
>  input to create something acceptable to the kingdom's dancers and not
>  too much input that the decision process gets bogged down.

I said earlier:  
If we are worried about people not knowing about the kingdom dance guild, why 
don't we announce, separately, in our own groups what we are intending to do? 
 Mailing an announcement to A&S ministers would maybe be something we could 
do.  There are some groups who haven't heard anything about the Dance 
Guild, or anything about the mailing list, this might be a good way to let 
them in on it.  

Obviously, yes, we should start making announcements.  I know our dance guild 
has been discussing it, but then, most of the main dancers of Moonschadowe 
have subscribed to this list.  

As it is, I definitely agree that the word needs to be spread quickly 
throughout the kingdom.  As I stated before, we should also state our 
intentions of discussing it at Crown Tournament.  

I should go to bed, so I can at least get 6 hours of sleep (or the grumpy 
Isabeau monster will come out and eat you!)

Good night everyone, or good morrow to those who are just getting up,

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