AD - Spreading the Guild

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Tue Apr 6 11:14:11 PDT 1999

Greeting all,

There have been some thoughts about publizing the guild to the 
kingdom.   I do not think that we are ready for that.  Let us form the 
guild and get it signed in at 20th year and them let the kingdom know 
we are there for service etc.

I suggest that at the events where we hold meetings that we should 
annonce where and what we are doing.  I want to keep the meetings to 
numbers where we can get things done.  

After the guild is formed, I think we should follow what everyone has 
suggested.  Contacting the A&S ministry etc.  is a good idea.  I have 
disscused some on the status of local guilds in the kingom as well as 
how a Kingdom dance guild could work with the current Kingdom A&S.  I 
have also been in contact with the crown as to forming the guild and 
if they would be ammeniable to appoving of our charter during their 

How do people feal about this?


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