AD - Lunch at Crown

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Tue Apr 6 11:28:34 PDT 1999

>	Guillaume, were you intending to take your pavilion with us to crown 
>tourney?  Either way, I'm sure arrangements for a lunchtime meeting 
would be 
>a good thing.  Should we coordinate food?  I'm glad we'll all have 
our own 
>charters to scribble on!  Fun! Fun!
I think that using your pavilion for Crown would be a good idea.  But 
I do not want yall to worry about coordinating food.  Lets just all 
bring our own.  I don't eat at events anyway so its not a big deal to 

Um, I know Guillaume things that contacting the autocrat is always 
best but if we want danceing, there will be danceing.  And if someone 
else wants to let the autocrat know, go ahead.  My head chopped off 
and I am running in circl
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