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Tue Apr 6 22:22:37 PDT 1999

All right, all right...

I don't believe what anyone is trying to say is that we want to not include 
general people in the whole discussion.  I think that what we are trying to 
say is that the charter should be passed down for approval.  After the people 
that really have some really wonderful organizational ideas have collaborated 
and come up with something really impressive, it is then a good idea to share 
it with our separate dance guilds.  If there are any big changes, or if it is 
pretty much approved, you would then present to people that may be or may not 
be interested in learning dance.  The truth of the thing is, many people 
really don't care, and would not be adequate judges on requirements for 
advancement.  How many people have experience in running balls, or teaching 
dance classes, or running guild meetings?  How many people know how to call?  
Even if they are good judges, I can't detect any reason for a regular 
somebody to think the guild was just awful.  Even people that don't have 
experience at or even know what reconstructing is should realize that dance 
people have made it a requirement to be at a higher level in the guild, then 
it must be something that is challenging.  So, can we all compromise that we 
aren't saying the people that are inexperienced will have no input, and that 
it isn't needed right now?  That after we figure out something that all of us 
can agree on (which will be the most difficult part of it), things will 
proceed naturally?  I understand what Elin and Philip are trying to say.  I 
understand why some have responded indignantly.  I do agree that there is a 
need for advanced dance people to be the ones discussing and debating at 
Crown Tourney.  Having to explain what the different things meant to someone 
completely new to it at that point would be really chaotic and never-ending.  
We have several opportunities to make the conversation include a wider range 
of people.  I look forward to it, for I believe we may find a lot of support 
in the kingdom (maybe more than we expect)

Enthusiastically (and peacefully),

Your fellow dancer,


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