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Charlene Charette charlene at
Wed Apr 7 00:02:28 PDT 1999

Russell Kinder wrote:

>    This is the point where I add my two pence about dancing at events.
> If dance is going to happen at an event, it should be planned with the
> autocrat well in advance. Space in the schedule and in the hall needs to
> be alloted. Musicians need to be contacted, and dancers made aware that
> there will be dancing.


>    A larger problem is the inability of many groups to adhere to a
> schedule for an event. The only people who care, really, are dancers.
> Why? Because dancing is the activity that suffers when everything else
> runs over time. If feast is scheduled for 6, but doesn't happen until 7,
> then it lasts 2 hours. Then court takes 30 minutes to start after feast.
> Then court lasts 2 hours. Dance doesn't get started until 11:30 or midnight.

This was a major problem in our area a few years ago.  Then the dancers got
together and decided to be the squeaky wheel...we showed up for all event
planning meetings and kept impressing our concerns with the autocrat and
nobility.  While it's still a far from perfect situation, it's magnitudes better
now.  Progress is being made.  And events can run on time if someone is willing
to make it happen -- I've done it and I've seen others do it.

>    At an event like Crown Tourney, there's just not much the autocrat
> can do. Maybe take steps to make the list run faster, like multiple
> fields for the earlier rounds. Schedule court before feast (this makes
> court go faster, since people are hungry). Discourage 8 remove feasts
> served with great leisure. Still, most of this is out of the autocrats hands.

Granted, with Crown and Coronation things are not really in the autocrats hands.
Getting dancing at locally run events is one hurdle -- getting that stickjock on
the throne to see our plight is quite another.  [Note:  I intend no slight to
Their Current Majesties -- I've not worked with them enough to know of any

>    Crown would be a great event to expect dancing, since nothing happens
> besides the list, feast, and court. Something Philip and I were

There's supposed to be kite making (although I believe that's been canceled) and
a siege cookery contest.  The last few crown tournies the sponsoring group has
tried to plan other activities.  This is especially nice since lots of folks are
required to be there whether they care to or not.


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