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Charlene Charette charlene at
Wed Apr 7 00:26:10 PDT 1999

Charlene Charette wrote:

> Purpose:  The purpose of the Guild shall be to promote the learning and
> teaching of Medieval, Renaissance, and SCA dances throughout the Kingdom
> of Ansteorra.

Technically, by this definition, Playford is out.  As well as all the "ethnic"
dances:  Angus Reel, Postie's Jig, Korobushka, Road to the Isles/Gae
Gordons/Scotland the Brave, etc.  I think through 1st edition Playford is
reasonable -- it will be a long time before this kingdom can eliminate it
(assuming anyone would want to and I don't believe they do).

> 4.  To produce and keep current a Kingdom-wide dance manual and dance
> tape.

Very sticky, but it could be done.  Personally, I don't have any problem with a
variation if the reconstructor can show how it logically comes from the
original.  It's the "I couldn't figure it out so I made something up" and the "I
didn't like it as the original so we changed it" that I dislike.  Ala Cecil

> 5.  To encourage widespread teaching and research of Medieval,
> Renaissance, and SCA dances.

Same argument as for the goal.


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