AD - Spreading the Guild

Charlene Charette charlene at
Wed Apr 7 00:47:18 PDT 1999

Craig Shupee' wrote:

> There have been some thoughts about publizing the guild to the
> kingdom.   I do not think that we are ready for that.  Let us form the
> guild and get it signed in at 20th year and them let the kingdom know
> we are there for service etc.

20th year is definitely a reasonable goal if things are kept focused and on
track.  We don't need to advertise it far and wide, but at the least it needs
discussion within existing dance guilds.

> After the guild is formed, I think we should follow what everyone has
> suggested.  Contacting the A&S ministry etc.  is a good idea.  I have
> disscused some on the status of local guilds in the kingom as well as
> how a Kingdom dance guild could work with the current Kingdom A&S.  I
> have also been in contact with the crown as to forming the guild and
> if they would be ammeniable to appoving of our charter during their
> reign.

And what was the Crown's response?

> How do people feal about this?

Just keep in mind the principality brouhaha.  When the idea came from on high
everyone balked; when individuals in some areas started working on it, it faired


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