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Russell russmax at
Wed Apr 7 02:21:32 PDT 1999

Charlene Charette wrote:
> Russell Kinder wrote:
> >    That sounds like a plan. It's easy. Seneschal's addresses and phone
> > numbers are in the Blackstar. I really don't think most people will have
> > much objection to the charter, and they will feel better about us if
> > they've been informed and consulted before we set it in stone. I don't
> > think we'll be overwhelmed at our planning meetings, either. The whole
> > point of this exercise is that not nearly enough people in Ansteorra are
> > interested in dance.
> Have you changed your mind on this or did I misread your earlier objects to
> publicizing?
> --Perronnelle

   I haven't changed my mind. Never did I state anything that implied
that I was against publicizing the charter and our plans to form a
kingdom dance guild. You may be confusing my words with Philip's. He has
been in favor of keeping the discussion limited to the few who are
active in teaching dance, but I have been a proponent of getting the
word out to the populace, once we have a reasonable first draft of a
charter, i.e., after Crown Tourney. I want more people thinking about dance.

   So, the short answer is that you misread me. 

   What I object to is rehashing what we've already discussed. I'm sorry
if people reading this list have been afraid to join in the discussion.
Especially if they have reservations or objections to what we're doing.
We have no way of knowing they disagree if they don't post. The traffic
level hasn't been so heavy that one's posts would be lost in the pile.
And most people wouldn't be replying to *every* post anyway. They would
just reply to the parts of the discussion they cared about. I don't
perceive of Philip, Pug, or me as intimidating. (Well, maybe Pug.) :-)

   Last Friday, when Philip finally showed up on this list (he was one
of the last to join, due to technical difficulties), he posted the draft
of the proposed charter for comment. I made my comments, Pug made
several, and no one else had much to say. It may have seemed like
brain-storming on irrelevent details to you, but to us, we were simply
making a few changes to the charter to make it what we wanted. If we
were just idly brain-storming, why did Philip add those changes to the charter?

   We didn't cover it one section at a time, section by section. We're
not little children that we need to do that. Each of us is capable of
reading the whole charter, and figuring out what we would like
different. I was OK with the Purpose and Goals, so I didn't comment on
that. I wanted the requirements for membership levels fine-tuned, so I
did address that. We decided that if we were going to have levels, we
wanted more than just a certain number of dances taught, but also
leadership, organization, research, and performance to be part of the
requirements for the highest levels.

   At one point, it seemed like we had reached a consensus, so I posted
a summary of what we had come up with so far. That elicited a bit more
discussion, and a bit more fine-tuning. Then you came on and wanted us
to start over. That's my perception.

   If people missed any of that, Philip can post the revised charter,
with all of the changes we've discussed so far, and we can see if anyone
suggests more changes. If people are too timid to respond to this
format, I'm not sure what this list is for.

   One thing people should realize is that our starting point is the
existing Meridies Kingdom Dance Guild Charter. This is the same charter
they've been using for their dance guild for many years. We asked them
if there were any problems they had with the charter.  HRH Katrina of
Iron Mountain said that, in retrospect, maybe the number of dances
should be higher for each level of membership. And that was it.

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