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Wed Apr 7 07:01:31 PDT 1999

Philip said:
>> Can we send copies of the charter and a blurb for the guild to:
>> Crown
>> Kingdom Seneschal
>> Kingdom A&S
>> Kingdom A&S Deputy in charge of dance and music
>> Regional A&S
>> Local Seneschals
>> We can also post to the Anst list

Perronnelle said:
>I don't think we need to involve the Crown until we have a final (or
>near-to-final) draft.  Same for all the seneschals.  Keeping the Kingdom A&S
>dance/music deputy up to date is a good idea.  Unless they run screaming in the
>opposite direction.  :-)

Well, when I mentioned a blurb for the guild previously, I didn't mean to send
the charter as well. I was thinking that if someone was interested enough they
would call or email the contact listed on the blurb to get a copy of the

Ya know, something like:

Oyez! Oyez! To the Populous of the Great Kingdom of Ansteorra:

Currently there is a grass roots movement to create a kingdom-wide Dance Guild.
Anyone interested in dancing and the future of dance in this Kingdom is welcome
to voice their opinions. Discussions about the proposed guild charter are being
conducted through an email list and at face-to-face meetings at selected
calendar events. The calendar events with meetings will be: Steppes Warlord,
King's College, and Ansteorra Twentieth Year Celebration. To subscribe to the
email list, (insert instructions here). If you are a local dance master,
everyone would really appreciate your input. Please contact one of the listed
people below for more information:

name#1         name#2         name#3
phone               phone                phone
email               email                email

To be inserted in local newletters.

It's an idea.


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