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Greetings unto you all!
I am HL Signy Gandalvsdottir from the Barony of the Stargate. Yes, I
confess! I too have been silent--I have been reading your email religiously
several times a day--and have been thinking about all that has been
written--but have not had anything yet to add--and I have been reflecting on
all that's been said. Thank you all for your input and work and time. HL
Perronnelle has made me speak up!

I have been in the SCA for seven years and have been dancing from the
beginning and teaching for at least six years. Stargate is blessed with two
dance guilds in the area and the way I look at it--one can dance twice a
week if one wishes too! And that is heavenly! Perronnelle graciously hosts
and leads hers at her home on Thursday evenings and the other guild of which
I am Dance Mistress (I co-teach with HL Ihon Vinson macFergus and with Lady
Aine Aislinn Stirling) meets on Sunday afternoons at the church which Ihon
pastors. We have been known to travel to other baronies/groups to teach
dance, we have performed in competitions, we have danced in demos and been
entertainment at church Madrigal evenings.

Succinctly stated--I love to dance and I love to teach others to dance! I
confess that I haven't spent enough time doing the research and using all
the correct terms when I teach--that's something that I pledge to work on
(having this guild will encourage me more, plus the fact that I will soon
have a year away from my studies--it's kind of hard to want to research when
that's all you do every day!) I believe the guild will give us organization,
goals to work toward, and make dance a more recognized art in the SCA.

I am planning on being at Crown Tourney next weekend. I will bring food to
add for the luncheon. I will, however, have to leave by early evening
Saturday to get back to Houston.

Lord Philip--could you please send an updated version of the Charter say
maybe Wednesday or Thursday of next week so we can peruse it again before
the meeting?

Again, thanks to all of you for all your hard work. May joy be yours in the
Dream and the Dance!


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>Greetings to all:
>All right, all right, I've been silently observing until now, but I guess I
>should at least say hello. . .My name is Helene Quivremont.  I am from
>Mooneschadowe (which most of you know is in the Northern region of
>Ansteorra).  I am the foster sister of Isabeau Lallement (mundane older
>sister--in real life I am six years her elder), which also makes me a kind
>guest in the house of Guillame de Troyes and his lovely lady Rhiannon
>Redwolf.  I have met some of you at events, but I have not had the good
>fortune to meet many of you.  I am a studio art major (oil painting etc.)
>Oklahoma State University which has hindered me somewhat in making it to
>events (namely Gulf Wars and in the near future: Crown Turney).  I'm
>relatively new in the SCA. . .I started dancing in Mooneschadowe last
>(May or June?), and then got involved in other things in the SCA.  Dancing
>my favorite part, though.
>will send more along when I have more time. . .
>au revoir,
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