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Wed Apr 7 14:31:31 PDT 1999

As I stated before, I am Isabeau Lallement, of the shire of Moonschadowe.  In 
the SCA I am the daughter of Lady Rhiannon Redwulf and Lord Guillaume 
DeTroyes (mundanely we're just friends) As to Guillaume's references, I am 
turning 16 this August.  
	I started dancing every week at dance practice a year ago exactly 
tomorrow.  My first SCA event was kingdom dance.  I went to my first SCA 
meeting after I returned from a month long excursion to Spain in late June 
(by the way, this is the only time i ever missed a dance meeting).  I'm 
obsessive.  I want to soak up as much as I can.  Dance is mainly what I do.  
I am very quick at picking up dance steps and flourishes and generally have a 
dance memorized after I have danced it a couple of times.  
	If I make remarks about ECD's it is because Italian Dance is SO MUCH 
FUN!  Dance is to show off, or at least period people thought as much.  As it 
is, I intend to dance for a good deal longer, and am working on teaching 
skills.  No matter what, you always find me eager for more (MORE! MORE!) 
dance knowledge.  
	So far, seems we have very enthusiastic dancers that all dance for 
fun!  Some of us just have more grandiose dreams.  But we all love it!  
That's what's important.  (I apologize for the blatant enthusiasm.....  all 
of the introductions made me very happy...)


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