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Thu Apr 8 15:20:55 PDT 1999

Greetings all,

I introduced myself briefly earlier, but thought I'd go ahead and do it a bit more 

I am L. Yvette Royd of Bryn Gwlad.  I have been in the SCA for about 12 years, 
now.  I started out in Bjornsborg where unfortunately they do not dance much 
(at least they didn't in those days!) so I was not really _properly_ introduced to 
dancing until I got to Bryn Gwlad about 4 years later.  Most of you would 
probably not know me from Adam, as my experience in dance outside of my 
own local area is horribly lacking.  I did, however, meet a few of you last year 
about this time when Bryn Gwlad hosted the Kingdom Dance and Music 
Symposium (I was in charge of coordinating dance teachers).  I am currently 
the dance mistress of the local group and have been so for close to four years, 
I guess, but outside of that and local events, I have not really taught a whole lot.

One of my ultimate dreams is to be able to have an event - just a regular event, 
not specifically a dancing event - where we could have straight dancing in the 
evening without having to teach the dances first.  I absolutely LOVED the ball 
at KDM where the dance was announced, the participants took their places 
and the musicians started immediately, with perhaps a little calling during the 
dance!  No running through it first.  I guess this sort of thing at regular events is 
too much to hope for, huh? *sigh*

Anyhow, I look forward to meeting you all and seeing what kind of progress this 
thing can make!  BTW, this whole controvery of Playford being post-period does 
not overly concern me - my persona is from 1620 *gasp*!!


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