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Fri Apr 9 06:30:36 PDT 1999

>    I don't have a strong preference on this. We happen to use the term
> "court" to distinguish what we do from belly-dancing. If the term
> identifies what we do without ambiguity, then it's fine. European or
> court dancing are synonymous to me.

I tend to prefer the term "European" dance, as opposed to "court" dance, as 
>    Now we're getting to the sticky of it. Well over half of my group's
> repertoire is English Country Dance, and we actively look for pre-1601
> dances. Some groups do almost 100% ECD and OOP dances. I think we're
> going to get a lot of resentment if we don't count Playford's 1st
> edition as good as period. And SCA creations in a period style should
> also be counted as good as period, in my opinion. That's the whole point
> of "Creative Anachronism".

I must agree heartily with this one!  Our group, as well, does quite a few ECD 
because, to be perfectly honest, they're my favorite!  I also think new dancers 
tend to enjoy them because they're almost all fairly simple (okay, let's not think 
about Argeers, huh?), they're all for the most part very similar, and they're fun.  
We get them hooked on the ECD and then pull them into the more complicated 
dances as their confidence grows.


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