AD - What to count as dance?

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First, forgive me - it took me a while to sign on as life has been
inordinately busy lately, but I'm assuming this post is in regards to the
advanced levels in the guild, not just to being a member.  At least, I hope

I must say I agree with Isabeau on this - it is difficult enough to get
people just to dance - forget about making them teach or advancing in
levels.  My main focus is to make dance more well-known and participated
in - this means that I mainly focus on doing "the easy dances" to draw
people in and build their confidence.  My dance group is fairly new, but
growing (we actually had twelve this past week!!!).  Only two of my dancers
(besides myself and my lord, Sebastian) have been in the SCA for a year.
They've been in dance almost as long.  Everyone else is either brand new to
the SCA (less than 3 months) or new to dance and only been in the SCA for
under a year.  I think this makeup is because I've made it very easy,
comfortable and accessible for them to participate.  Dance is after all one
of the few free activities one can do in the SCA.  Let's really focus on
this spreading dance aspect.

I do agree that for those of us who are dance fanatics and especially those
who want to teach , requirements will make us grow and accept new
challenges.  I know when I first started in Steppes , we danced pretty much
the same dances all the time and it was comfortable (and I didn't know any
better).  Now, they've moved on.  I moved and started dancing with
Mooneschadowe at a time when they thought Whirligig and Argeers were
interesting and challenging - now they too have moved on.  I started
teaching about that time with only four of us and very little music which
limited us.  We have expanded in all areas, but we are still at the point
where Whirligig, Argeers, and Posties Jig are great fun and a challenge for
my new dancers.  Who knows where we'll be next year.  I think my  two most
experienced dancers are at a point where they could begin teaching and I'm
going to ask if they are interested, but I don't want to intimidate them
with numbers.  Let them know about the levels and such, yes, but no

Anyway, it's been a long Medieval Faire and this first time I've popped on
and Isabeau's statement just really jumped out, so I just had to second it.
I hope I didn't babble too much!

Yours in service,
Lady Capricia
Hospitaler and Dance Teacher of the Barony of Namron, Ansteorra

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>Really, I think that defining 'what dances should be counted' is only going
>to be a bad thing.  If you really think about, one could easily get around
>by doing a bunch of bransles, which aren't very difficult.  So, someone
>think it was better for a magistrar to know ten ECD's and ten bransles?
>What's the point?  20 dances sounds intimidating to a lot of people, and
>besides, look at the requirements we have:
>20 dances
>5 or 6 events
>Is it really necessary?  Doesn't it muck it all up?  Will it achieve
>but making us look like snobs?  I'm not, personally opposed to it, but I
>really don't see how it promotes dance.  If we were a kingdom with a huge
>amount of dancers, I would agree.  It is hard enough to get people to dance
>as it is.
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