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Russell Kinder russmax at
Tue Apr 13 15:59:10 PDT 1999

Russell Kinder wrote:
>    That might work well. How many different categories of Renaissance
> dance do we have? 1) ECD, 2) Inns of Court, 3) Branles, 4) other Arbeau,
> 5) basse dance, 6) 15th cent. Italian (Domenico, etal.), 7) 16th cent.
> Italian (Caroso, Negri), 8) SCA choreographies, and 9) new findings like
> the Il Papa ms, or the Gresley ms. My thinking is that out of those 9
> categories, an Inceptor would only need to know dances from  1 category,
> a Journeyman from 3 categories, and a Magister from 6 categories.

   I know it's kind of gauche (left?) to reply to myself, but implied in
what I just wrote seems to be a solution. OOP stuff can be counted in
teaching totals, but OOP stuff isn't a category. So you would have to
know *some* things that aren't OOP.

   If a teacher just knows Angus Reel, Korobushka, Gay Gordons, Postie's
Jig, and Strip the Willow, he still can't advance to Inceptor, since
none of those dances is in an accepted category. If he just knew one
branle, pavan, or acceptable ECD, he would be OK, though.

   That only leaves dances like Hole in the Wall and Female Sailor in a
grey area. They are ECDs, but come about 50 years later than Playford's
1st ed. I'm uncertain how those should be treated. I'm inclined to treat
everything after Playford's 1st ed. as uncategorized. It counts toward
the teaching total, but you have to know something else, too. Several
something elses at the higher levels.

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