AD - What to count as dance?

John F. Hirling macfergus at
Tue Apr 13 16:02:10 PDT 1999

<huge snip preceding this portion of Guillaume's response>

   How many different categories of Renaissance dance do we have? 1) ECD, 2)
Inns of Court, 3) Branles, 4) other Arbeau, 5) basse dance, 6) 15th cent.
Italian (Domenico, etal.), 7) 16th cent. Italian (Caroso, Negri), 8) SCA
choreographies, and 9) new findings like the Il Papa ms, or the Gresley ms.
My thinking is that out of those 9 categories, an Inceptor would only need
to know dances from  1 category, a Journeyman from 3 categories, and a
Magister from 6 categories.
   Does this work better for people than specifying percentages? Such as
half of the dances taught must be pre-1601?

   Other arguments pro or con?

The devil is in the details, so the saying goes.  Do detailed requirements
forward the purposes of the Guild or are they fodder for dissension?  I'd be
stunned if anyone (certainly no significant number) interested in the Guild
would want to "specialize" in one area to the exclusion of all other areas.
Would anybody learn 40 ECDs just so they could wear an extra bead on their


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