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Tue Apr 13 19:19:50 PDT 1999

Greetings to All:

The evening has slowed down and I have found my voice, and so I will reply to 
some of the better points that have been put forth in the last few days.
I agree with Guillame, Ihon, and whoever else said it:  who would want to 
only know twenty ECD?  Later period (and as some of you would have it: out of 
period) English Country Dance certainly shouldn't be discounted. . .from the 
perspective of a shrinking violet who has been dancing for less than a year, 
I would have to point out that I don't think I would have been able to become 
confident, interested, and adept enough, in the beginning, to have continued 
dancing were it not for the simplicity of learning that comes with most ECD's 
(Not to tweak any noses, but bransles alone would not have held my attention. 
. .).  It also goes to follow this statement that I agree with the first one 
of Pug's revised purpose statements. . .and also with Pug's idea for 
organizing the discussion in an orderly and diplomatic way.  Pug is the 
coolest (well besides Estrill. . .she who pops in from time to time with good 
ideas. . .not to say that the rest of you don't have good ideas: you have 
great ideas. . .only her good ideas are timely which makes them especially 
good ideas). 

Pug's first revised purpose statement.
< Purpose statement: The primary purpose of the Guild is to promote the
< learning and teaching of Medieval, Renaissance, and SCA (original and
< commonly performed) dances.

Oh yeah, and if you must, I suppose since the majority of you are leaning 
towards the elderly side of life (bwa ha ha) ;)> you can name us A.G.E.D. . 
.and I will just remind myself that I am sage and wise beyond my twenty-one 
years. . .

au revoir, mon cher amies et danseures
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