AD - Crown Tourney.

Russell russmax at
Fri Apr 16 00:26:47 PDT 1999

Good dancers of this list,

   Things have transpired that prevent me from coming to Crown Tourney
this weekend. I am sorry that I will not be able to offer the
hospitality of my small pavilion for us to meet. Nor will I be able to
teach the Italian dances that I had promised. My wife has hurt her back,
and is unable to travel so far without great pain. She is getting
better, but, meanwhile, I should stay home with her.

   I believe that I have made my opinions on the charter well enough
known that you know what I would want. I am not worried, though. Almost
everything brought up here has been well-considered, and not
objectionable to me.

   Give your cooperation to Madame Perronnelle, everyone. Try not to get
bogged down in details that really don't matter, if you step back from
it just a bit. Remember that our main goal is to have more dancing done
in Ansteorra. Other goals, such as reducing the number of OOP dances,
are worthy, but these will come in good time, as more people become more
serious about dance. I think we are going in a good direction with
making performance a bigger part of the requirements for the levels.
Maybe performing dances could be substituted for teaching them.

   I will miss all of you, my friends. I will also miss the hospitality
of the good Barony of Bryn Gwlad. For those that will be at Known World
Dance, I will see you there. I also hope to be at Steppes Warlord, and
of course, King's College. My "daughter" Isabeau won't be able to come
either, since she was going to ride with my wife and I. I'm sure she
sends her regrets and fond wishes as well.

In service to the dream (of more dancing),
Guillaume de Troyes
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