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Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Tue Apr 20 06:58:07 PDT 1999

Greetings All,

  I think that those of us who were at the meeting were waiting for 
Mistress Kaitlin to post for she had taken notes for the meeting.  
But she has been having problems with her e-mail, so if someone in 
Stargate could post for her, that would be a nice idea.

A run down for those who missed the meeting. (And I am not using my 
notes right now, so do not take this as absolute or exact)

We went over the purpose statement and the bullet points and cleaned 
them up.  We also went over the Proctor duties etc. and cleaned that 
section up.  We brought up the name thing again and you can see we 
checked for a badge.

Here's the funny part.  Membership.
We all took a polling and a large majority of people were for a 
tiered membership.  We took a break.  And when we came back we 
decided we would try and find a way that we would not need a teired 
membership.  What happened?  I quess we all just needed to use the 
restroom.  No.  
  The idea of a merit badge system was suggested.  Which I think may 
be a good idea.  I will try and post more on how I feel about this 
soon.  Sorry I had not posted, it was not silence, just trouble 
getting onto Hotmail.

A thanks to all who showed up and participated in the meeting.  We 
did well, and it shows me that we can work as a groop.  Also a thanks 
to Master Avatar for attending and adding his two cents.  Lets just 
say he has a big soap box.  And a special thanks to HL Perronnelle 
for running the meeting.  She kept things in order and tempers down.  
We accomplished alot in a short time span.

Your servant to command,
  Philip White


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