AD - Recognition - levels - question

C Scot Henry henrycs at
Tue Apr 20 21:52:55 PDT 1999

I'm still wavering on how I feel about the levels - as always I see pros and
cons.  However, one thing continues to nag at my brain.  The levels
requirements as currently stated do not give us a starting point  - for
instance, a magister must say "yes, this is a magister" but how are we going
to decide on that first one.  I know a few people who I would personally
just place there even if I don't know that they specifically meet the listed
requirements yet.  But, I do not know all of the dance teachers or dancers,
so I can not make a well-informed decision.  Was this why the discussion of
performing for the entire guild was brought up?  Just wondering, ;-)

Yours in service,
Lady Capricia, Namron

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