AD - Purpose: Guild or College--Does it matter?

Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Apr 21 11:21:29 PDT 1999


   I really don't care if we call ourselves a guild or college. In the
end, we'll be the same thing: a group of Ansteorran dancers interested
in promoting our art. I'm against calling ourselves a college if it
means calling into question everything we've ironed out so far for the

   At this point, I would want to see a really persuasive argument on
why we should be a college instead of a guild, since it might mean
having to re-think the whole charter. Somewhere in the back of some of
our minds is the idea that our Kingdom dance institution should parallel
the guild "Saltare" in Meridies, since our big goal is to make dance in
Ansteorra rival dance in Meridies. They have a thing that works. We want
a similar thing.

   We need to start converging on a solution, I think. To me, this means
not bringing up stuff doesn't really make a lot of difference, in THE
BIG PICTURE. Does it REALLY matter if we call ourselves a college or a
guild? Does one name or the other REALLY promote dance more effectively?

   More generally, does a small change of wording here or there really
affect our purpose or goals that much? (Sometimes it can.) Let's focus
on substance, not semantics. Let's find solutions, not problems. In
order to achieve consensus in any group larger than two, each person has
to let go of the things that don't really matter to them, and focus on
the ones that do.

   The charter and guild will succeed or fail depending on the will and
work of the dancers who desire it to succeed. The exact wording of the
charter, the name of the guild--these are extremely secondary issues, in
my opinion.

Guillaume de Troyes
(de Mooneschadowe)

P.S. The level issue, that's a major sticking point, in my opinion. More
on this in my next post.
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