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Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Fri Apr 23 12:28:30 PDT 1999

I think that we ahve decided that we want levels.  We pretty much 
decided that at crown.

>self-nomination with a higher level sponsor
  This is what I have always wanted from the guild.  When one 
beleives that they have passed the next step.  They send there 
qualifications into the proctor and the proper change to the rostor 
is made.  
  I do not beleive we can funtion on a judged basis.  And I do not 
see it being possible on a Kingdom level.  Its to subjective on what 
is good teaching.  So what.  At least they tried.  They do it, so 
they get the recognition.  And its nice to be able to teach to new 
dancers but I do not think that should be required.  What is wronge 
with someone teaching to people whop knows already how to dance?  Is 
that not spreading dance throughout the kingdom?  Is that not going 
by the porpose statement?
  I think they are both good.  And letting one decide is the best 

philip white
I dance therefore I am



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