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Thu Apr 1 19:57:43 PST 1999

Russell Kinder wrote:

> Unto Lady Cecily Alys de Percy,
>    Let me take the presumption of speaking for all in welcoming you to
> the Ansteorra dance list.

Thank-you!!! I am glad to be able to talk with other dancers on the net. I have been
on the SCA Dance list for quite a while but there is very little traffic there it

>    You are experiencing one of the most common and daunting difficulties
> in getting dance started in your local group.
>    There are primarily two things you need to get dance going in your
> group. Zeal and persistence. If you can schedule a regular time each
> month <snip>  The other thing to do is recruit. <snip>

Thank you for your good advice, my Lord! The fighters and their ladies in our shire
meet every week for fighter practice. I have said that I will teach a new dance once
a month (at the business meeting held on the 4th Sunday), and that we can practice
the dance on the second Sunday. Each time some gentles say they have to leave right
when I start to teach the dance. Other say "in a minute", or "when I have finished my
business with so-and-so" - and they don't finish until too late to dance. It is
embarrassing to have to keep hounding people to make them dance!

Last weekend our senechal upbraided the members, saying that dance is part of the
dream. All knights and ladies who lived then had to know how to dance! Hopefully,
this will help. I don't want to force people, but maybe if they just try it they may
find they like it!

>    You are wonderful, and I think I love you (as a dancer, of course).
> We love Italian dance and galliards. I wish I had some sources for
> Spanish court dance.

There is a professor at Boise State University in Idaho who teaches Renaissance
Spanish dance! She (with some of her students) has performed at several SCA events,
including our last Kingdom A & S. I plan on contacting her for information, and would
be glad to pass on to you anything I learn !

>    Let me close with words of encouragement. <snip>

Thank you so much! You are a most gracious lord!

Lady Cecily

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