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Fri Apr 2 01:19:04 PST 1999

Hey Philip! (and others!)

   I'm going to sound like a broken record, but I'd like to add the
following requirements for Journeyman and Magister levels.

5.  Must have been in charge of dancing at three events. This includes
running a ball or a local dance practice. It means working with
musicians, if they are present, and doing walkthroughs and calling when
needed, and providing a list of dances that are to be done, or helping
the dancers to choose dances to be done

5.  Must have been in charge of dancing at six events. (The rest is
identical to 5 for Journeyaman.)
6.  Must have reconstructed two dances from original sources or
translations. An original choreography may be substituted for one of the reconstructions.

   There were some other good suggestions, but these were mine. We need
a name, eh?

   The whole question of which dances to allow in each member's count
needs to be resolved. I'm in favor of including all of it, so long as
the member knows the background of the dance, and if it's period. If
it's commonly done in the SCA, it's fair game, I say.

   My reasoning for this is simple. If we are going to take the SCA
definition of period, we could only include dances done before 1601.
That would mean *all* of Playford, even 1st edit. is out of period by 50
years or more. Some object to later Playford, which is OOP by about 120
years, at most. Whether it's 50 years or a hundred, OOP is OOP.
Personally, I'm not willing to give up any of the Playford that we
currently dance. I'm not really interested in adding to our ECD
repertoire, either. I think we have plenty of ECD already.

   The modern Scottish and folk stuff is harder to defend. Stuff like
Korobushka or Posties Jig. All I can say is that they are very popular
in the SCA, and if we try to kill them, we'll look like snobs and no one
will appreciate what we're doing. Instead of drawing people to dance,
we'll be pushing them away.

   If the person is required to know the background of the dance, then
he will no it's not period. For me, that is enough. I am satisfied if we
don't try to pass off as period, stuff that isn't.

In service,
Lord Guillaume
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